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Episodes 9 &10 with Shannon Ethridge

On Touch Podcast Episode 9& 10 hosts Ryan Clark and Nate Novero speak with bestselling author and women's sexuality expert Shannon Ethridge. Out of the gate, Nate and Ryan jump in with Shannon’s story: a 20 year-old mortician who then ends up leading teen purity Bible studies becomes an author of 22 books 25 years later. From embalming to masturbation, non-missionary sex positions and divorce, Shannon shares how her teachings in her early days as an abstinence only educator have evolved and grown along with her following among married Christian women in America.  Keep reading...

Episode 1: True Love Waits with Jennifer Knapp

We start Touch Podcast talking about evangelical sexual purity movements in the 1990’s.  What are the lasting cultural effects of the largest mobilization of evangelical youth in the 20th century?  Hosts Nate and Ryan speak with Dove Award winner and two-time Grammy nominee Jennifer Knapp about evangelical sexual purity, shame, and the commercialization of virginity.  Keep reading...

Episode 13: Kissing Something Goodbye with Joshua Harris and Jessica Van Der WynGaard

We’ll be “Kissing Something Goodbye” with Joshua Harris And Jesica Van Der WynGaard in this two-part series.   We speak with them about their upcoming documentary titled, “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye” that chronicles the journey of best-selling Christian author Josh Harris and his breakout book, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” where at age 21, he invited young people to stop dating, stop physical contact and court their future mate, even saving their first kiss for the wedding day.  Keep reading...


Touch Podcast is an intimate conversation that takes place at the intersection of the spirit and body.  Nathanael and Ryan invite artists, authors, ethicists, pastors, healers, regular folks and pop stars to explore our origins and journeys toward more authentic lives.  Learn more...

Season 1:  Religous America and Sex begins February 14, 2018.  Check us out on Google Play, Itunes, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

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