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Production & Sponsorship

Touch Podcast is produced by Ryan Clark and Nathan Novero.  To be a part of shaping the future of Touch Conversations, we invite you to consider preroll (15 seconds) and Midroll (30 seconds) ads. Email us at for more information.

More About Touch

Touch Podcast is an intimate conversation that takes place at the intersection of the spirit and body.  Nathanael and Ryan invite artists, authors, ethicists, pastors, healers, regular folks, and pop stars to explore our origins and journeys toward more authentic lives.

Season 1:  Religious America and Sex begins with exploring the sexual purity movements of the 1990's and 2000's and it's lasting impact on American culture and families.

Touch began like many important conversations.  It started among friends in a bar that spilled over the next day and into a coffee shop.  These conversations were joined by friends and strangers and expanded into communities neither Ryan nor Natanael could have imagined.  Now, this conversation is coming to you.


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Nathan Novero

Filmmaker, Los Angeles

Filmmaker, artist, and spiritual explorer, Nathanael produces docu-series with Discovery, History Channel, National Geographic, and A&E.  Nathanael’s exuberance for life and his trek toward a new identity after a failed marriage fuel our fascinating conversations.  Speaker requests and other questions can be emailed to

Dr. Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark

Minister & Strategist, Atlanta

Ryan is an ordained minister, producer, and strategist having worked in religious non-profit and theological education for the past 20 years.  With masters and doctoral degrees, Ryan’s humor and insight help many to imagine new futures.  Speaker requests and other questions can be emailed to


Touch Podcast partners with individuals and organizations around the world.  Please contact Touch at info@touchpodcast for information regarding partnerships and sponsorships.