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Episode 2: Sex, Shame and Church with Jennifer Knapp and Pastor Amy Mears

What happens when religious people talk (and don’t) talk about sex?  Episode 2 continues with Jennifer Knapp on the topic of marketing virginity among young women and moves into the difficulty of talking about sex in faith communities.  Dr. Amy Mears, co-pastor of Glendale Baptist Church joins this conversation along with staff congregants about how even progressive congregations struggle to create space for talking about sexual practice.

Amy Mears has served as one of the pastors of Glendale Baptist Church since November 2004. For the decade prior to coming to Glendale, she served as Chaplain at University Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. She is a South Carolinian, with an undergraduate degree from Furman University, and MDiv and Ph.D. degrees from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Nate

Nate and Ryan share more of their story and begin to identify sexual shame and explore with Pastor Amy about ways congregations can come alongside those struggling with issues around their sexual-self.

Glendale Baptist Church is located in Nashville, TN and believes that the church as the body of Christ is the continuing incarnation of God.  It is co-pastored by Amy Mears and April Baker who were both educated in Southern Baptist seminaries.  Glendale Baptist has a history of standing with the oppressed, having supported school racial integration and today seeks to build an inclusive Christian community that affirms the worth of all persons.

Members of Glendale Baptist Church join us in episode two and three, including staff and students from Vanderbilt Divinity School.  We are profoundly grateful for these student’s courage and vulnerability to appear on camera and with voice on our podcast.  Their questions and challenge will continue to make Touch Podcast a better series.

Theme music for Touch Podcast is by Ryan Clark and Jennifer Knapp.  Nashville songwriter and performer Scott Willis and his guitar are heard throughout episodes of Touch. Photo of Amy Mears courtesy of WPLN, Nashville Public Radio.

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