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Holy Women with Dr. Angela Yarber

Touch Podcast Episode 11 is hosted by Ryan Clark and Nathan Novero. On this show Ryan speaks with Dr. Angela Yarber of the Holy Women Icons Project about art, feminist theology, queering the Bible and the mis-sexualization of Salome and a possible lesbian encounter in Song of Songs.

If you have never heard a feminist theologian, We’re excited you’re listening.  If you’ve never heard a woman queer preacher speak, we’re thrilled that you’re about to tun in.  In this episode, Dr. Yarber  lays out how society’s view of women and our reading of Scripture impacts the opportunities of all little girls. 

Yarber lives in Hawaii and is is a preacher, an activist, author, dancer, painter, as well as running her own nonprofit. Integrating art and theology most of her life, Ryan hears from Dr. Yarber about the need for religious iconography that’s less brooding and much less male and why it’s vital that we understand systems of oppression and work toward a more just religious community.

Touch episode 11 was supposed to play in March for women’s history month, but due to technical difficulties on our side of things, we couldn’t get it out there to you.You can find out more about Dr. Angela Yarber and the Holy Women Icons project along with her books and events at


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