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Lighting Fires of Holy Horniness with Shannon Ethridge

On Touch Podcast Episode 9& 10 hosts Ryan Clark and Nate Novero speak with bestselling author and women’s sexuality expert Shannon Ethridge. Out of the gate, Nate and Ryan jump in with Shannon’s story: a 20-year-old mortician who then ends up leading teen purity Bible studies becomes an author of 22 books 25 years later. From embalming to masturbation, non-missionary sex positions, and divorce, Shannon shares how her teachings in her early days as an abstinence-only educator have evolved and grown along with her following among married Christian women in America.

Shannon and Ryan offer theories as to how sexuality has become a salvation issue for evangelicals and all three talk about the impact of powerful sexual women in Christian communities.  As it turns out Nate and his former wife did the Every Man’s and Every Women’s Battle series co-authored by Shannon.  Nate confesses how he’d wish the guy’s version expressed the energy and sexual strength Shannon projects today.   What happens when Christian women present a confident sexual presence. 

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