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Questions for the Femininity of Christianity by Nate Novero

What if Christianity were to submit to God versus standing for God all the time?  If God is God, the Divine can stand for Godself, right?  Hence, in concept, surrendering to God should yield the same holy result because we are allowing God to work on God’s own terms.  In fact, surrendering should yield a better result.  Right?  We don’t get in the way.  We don’t force it.  We don’t pollute it.  We don’t use it to hide our sins cultivated by sexual repression, deplorable sins inflicted unto the least of these.  There are broken people in church leadership hidden among the echelons of religious patriarchy that will do anything to keep their shame hidden in shadow.  They do this because they think it’s better for the Church.  Bullshit.  That’s the flaw of the masculine Christianity “standing for God”.  When Christianity submits to her feminine, we allow the church be the church again.  The bride of the church submits to the groom of Christ.  To me, as I am expanding my faith, this is one way to grasp the feminine side of Christianity.  The gentle side.  Surrender.

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