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Touch Podcast Episode 14: Kissing Dating Hello with Joshua Harris And Jessica Van Der WynGaard

Touch Podcast is hosted by Ryan Clark and Nathan Novero. Episode 14 continues the conversation with best-selling author Josh Harris and documentary film-maker Jessica Van Der Wyngaard. Ultimately, Josh wanted to understand how the ideas of his book had affected people and this starts with Josh listening and the leadership of strong single women Jessica.

In this show, we’ll hear about how Josh dropped out of the project and what brought him back. We’ll hear about how a 19/20-year-old gets a book published and a bit of the evangelical machine that swarmed to his message and the role the homeschool movement in launching book and career.

The best story includes jeopardy and Aussie filmmaker Jessica Van Der Wyngaard finds that working with Josh Harris, author of a number of books including “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” For Josh, this film isn’t theoretical or academic. In this episode, Josh speaks to the painful and difficult task of coming to terms with the fact that what he started teaching 20 years ago and has built a career on, is regrettably flawed.

Special contributors to this podcast include Ellen Goebel of Worldwide Groove Corporation and their very sexy song, “Kiss Me Slow” that features Kareem Bennett.

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