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Touch Podcast Episode 4 with Shawn Warner Garcia and Nate Novero

This episode Nate talks about how evangelicals are especially weird when to comes to talking about sex. An expert in how we use language, Shawn Warner-Garcia, researcher at UC Santa Barbara, curriculum writer, wife and mother, discusses why she began a national survey of Christians in the U.S. on faith and sexuality and its emerging frightening results.

When Nate left his Southern Baptist faith, his understanding of faith and church basically froze in time.  Now that Nate is reengaging with his Christian identity, he’s got a lot of catching up to do.  The first of two podcasts, Episode 4 features Shawn catching up Nate on the national debate among church folk about what to do about sexual practice in light of Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. They speak specifically about Southern Baptists, The Nashville Statement, and how all religious communities have to keep negotiating their personal ethics with one foot in their religious tradition and another in their modern context.

Shawn makes reference to The Nashville Statement. This statement was released on August 29th on the anniversary of the On the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage, The Nashville Statement is the work of the so-called The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, a conservative Baptist think tank.

When people hear what Shawn is researching they admit how important it is and how difficult it is.  We all have to live into the realities that every day we have to be our sexual selves and bring those into our congregations.  We still have to make sense of messages our faith communities teach that don’t jive with our personal sensibilities or ethics. If we’re honest, everyone balances our own ethics with the teachings of our forbearers.

Listen to part one now. 

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