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Touch Podcast Episode 1: Where It All Started with Jennifer Knapp, Ryan Clark, and Nate Novero

Did your church commercialize virginity? This episode is a reboot of Touch Episode 1: Selling Purity where hosts Ryan Clark and Nate Novero speak with former Christian pop-star Jennifer Knapp about a previously untold experience where she was approached to be to poster-girl for True Love Waits, a popular Southern Baptist teen abstinence program.

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We start Touch Podcast talking about evangelical sexual purity movements in the 1990’s.  What are the lasting cultural effects of the largest mobilization of evangelical youth in the 20th century?  Hosts Nathanael and Ryan speak with Dove Award winner and two-time Grammy nominee Jennifer Knapp about evangelical sexual purity, shame, and the commercialization of faith.

College buddies in the 1990’s; Nathanael moved on to Los Angeles and became a filmmaker as Ryan left for Georgia to attend seminary and begin a professional career in ministry. Reunited by common personal struggles, Ryan and Nathanael discuss religious baggage rooted in the sexual purity movements of the 1990’s.  This season explores how many marriages, sexual identities, and practices have been impacted by how religious America approaches sex.  Listeners join Nate, Ryan, and their fascinating guests as they give words for the first time to their journey toward authenticity.

Ryan and Nate interview Jennifer Knapp, former Christian Popstar about her experience of almost becoming the poster child of the evangelical sexual purity movement. They discuss faith, sex, shame, and Christian consumerism.

In addition to her Dove Award Grammy nominations, Jennifer Knapp is a 2015 Ted Talk speaker, author, and song artist in Nashville, TN. When she’s not occupied with music, or doing advocacy work on behalf of LGBTQ people of faith through her Inside Out Faith organization, she recently completed a master’s degree in theological studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Special thanks to Legendary Zeroes for the use of their song Cha-Ching.  You can find out more about their music at Fabulation Records.

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